Mary Nelson

Mary Nelson, Senior Consultant, focuses on helping senior executives and their teams to become more effective in their leadership. Mary has experience coaching C-level executives at large corporations as well as working with entrepreneurial teams navigating change. She has over twenty years of business experience including her work as a marketing director in the US and abroad for a major consumer packaged goods company.

She has also owned and operated a small business and has served as a board member for entrepreneurial firms. A coach and adjunct staff member at Loyola Family Business Center and a certified Hogan coach, Mary has an MBA from the University of Chicago as well as a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

Mary’s commitment to this work comes from a belief that good leadership makes a positive difference in people’s lives and in bottom-line business results. She speaks passionately of the role of leadership development and the need to foster a diverse work environment and has delivered workshops and training presentations to The Conference Board, The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and numerous corporate audiences.