Develop leaders

To lead others, we must know ourselves

Our strength as leaders comes from who we are as people. Yet often what makes us great can also hold us back. What got us into a position of leadership in the first place is only part of what’s needed now. Often what is most needed to truly lead others is fully understanding and managing ourselves.

Putting clarity to work to develop leaders and teams

Working with CEOs, leadership teams and high potentials, Kaplan DeVries helps people understand their essential character, change their mindset and make a deep and lasting difference in their work and lives. Veterans of the executive suite, we bring the discipline of our pioneering work on leadership effectiveness starting in the 1980s and continuing right up to the present.

Abrasive leaders learn to smooth their rough edges, operators become more strategic, emerging leaders increase their momentum. And leadership teams gel, weather storms, correct imbalances in power, CEO-COO pairs form and function. This level of clarity is essential to help solve the toughest leadership challenges we face.

Seeing through complexity

With clarity about ourselves and our team, we are better able to navigate complexities, adapt to disruptions and realize our full potential. Kaplan DeVries’ approach uniquely combines:

  • Rich perspective - We systematically work through multi-faceted evidence to reveal a compelling truth. Data is collected from coworkers, past and present; verbatim comments are balanced with ratings from our proven Leadership Versatility Index®, as well as personality profiles and team surveys. All of this is placed in the context of the individual’s life, the team’s circumstances and history. This forms a coherent view that is strong enough to change the way a leader sees themselves.
  • Rigorous process - In a phased approach, we analyze and interpret the data with the leader or team. Data is organized, re-organized and viewed from every angle. Themes are drawn out, strengths and limitations sorted out, underlying patterns identified. Ultimately, the principal elements are distilled down to their essence to reach profound simplicity on the other side of complexity; a fundamental definition of true nature or character. We then identify 2-3 priorities for change and a practical plan of action. Being part of the process encourages ownership of the issues and commitment to change.
  • Personal relationships - Our consultants foster open and trusting relationships with clients, which often last many years. We make sense of things together in a dynamic process of shared discovery.

Operating with clarity

The clarity that comes from this reflects different perspectives, breaks down false perceptions, sheds light on true character and helps people see it for themselves - and then act upon that knowledge.

It illuminates the path forward, liberates individuals and teams from self-limiting mindsets and sparks the natural energy for change in their work and lives.

What others say

"We send you good people and you send them back better."

John Figueroa, CEO, Genoa

“The Kaplan DeVries consultants helped our Senior Team achieve a higher level of performance and they expertly coached me through difficult transitions, human resource issues and periods of white-water change. Their teambuilding, facilitation and coaching skills have made a positive difference in my work life and personal life.”

Frank Mascia, former President & CEO, United Healthcare of N.C.

“The individuals that go through the process get a very deep understanding of their own behavior and their way of thinking and how that projects to others. The light bulb goes off. Sometimes it takes longer for it to go off. But you’re guaranteed that senior managers come out of it understanding how they are seen by others and knowing what they can do to make that more optimal.”

Gary Rodkin, CEO (recently retired), ConAgra

“The LaserChange® process was extremely beneficial to me. The Kaplan DeVries consultant was instrumental in helping me analyze the feedback and identify two areas to work on. And his coaching, encouragement and regular contact helped me follow through and exhibit significant growth and improvement in those two areas.”

Michael Bernstein, former Director of Software Engineering, Airvana

“Since 1994 Kaplan DeVries has done outstanding work with 150 of our senior managers. I continue to think the Advanced Management Program is maybe the single best thing we’ve ever done in the talent management arena.”

Phil Humann, former Chief Executive Officer, SunTrust Banks

“…a holistic approach that analyzes professional and personal strengths and opportunities for development through a variety of assessment tools and individual interviews. Through a comprehensive feedback process that drives individual accountability, they help leaders create personalized development plans. Very effective.”

Jim Ryan, Chairman, President and CEO, Grainger

“The ROI on the LaserChange® process was exponential. As a result of the focused feedback, data, and coaching, I have taken out a lot of wasted time and effort in my leadership style, which I can redirect to winning in the marketplace.”

J. Peter Hegemann, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Carrier EMEA, Corning Cable Systems