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Practical research and writing

Kaplan DeVries consultants are prolific researchers, authors, and speakers. Our work on leadership development and executive assessment has been widely published in numerous books and top-tier management and psychology journals. A sample:

Articles and Book Chapters


Fresh Thinking, brief essays issued four times a year. For example:

Tools and techniques

Devised by Kaplan DeVries for leveraging change in leaders and teams:

  • A research-based approach to executive assessment and development that became a forerunner of executive coaching
  • The Leadership Versatility Index® (LVI) that assesses leaders for balance and imbalance; the only 360 with a patent
  • Team Versatility Index
  • The Team Checklist, a team diagnostic
  • The Inventory of Personal Functioning

Original client work

  • A survey on Inclusiveness; the findings were to upgrade a team's ability to lead inclusively
  • Leadership standards and values formulated with the CEO, with a survey to assess leaders
  • A customized scorecard to assess CEO candidates
What others say

“It’s a pleasure to read a book packed with new insights into what truly makes leaders effective, especially one written in such a vivid, engaging style. This is an extremely useful guide for leaders seeking a deeper understanding of who they are and how they can lead successfully in a complex, ever-changing world.”

David B. Peterson, Ph.D., Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Google

“This is a terrific book—powerful, very impactful. Ninety-five percent of the leaders who read it will say, ‘I’ve got some work to do and this book will help me do it.’ ”

John Ryan, President, Center for Creative Leadership

“This brilliantly practical work explains succinctly how to overcome the powerful tendency to misuse your strengths and become more versatile and balanced in your approach to leading. In an hour or so, find out how development really works and start changing in ways that matter.”

Michael Lombardo, cofounder and author of the bestselling FYI: For Your Improvement, Lominger

“After having read countless books on leadership, I finally found one that hit the mark for me. The number of insights I got from The Versatile Leader were remarkable. I am a person who likes to simplify things—carry around nuggets in my mind. This book helps you do just that. The way they describe the problem of lopsidedness, provide concrete examples, and then say, ‘Here’s how you can improve’ is a perfect formula! Lots of books raise self-awareness but stop there or offer advice which is lacking in practicality or concreteness. This book is both conceptual and tactical and easy to read. I especially like the box on p 171, Developing Yourself, Coaching Others. It rolled up 80% of the book in a ‘nuggetized’ fashion that hit the mark for me.”

Gary Calabrese, Senior Vice President, New Business Development, Corning

“We are continually impressed with the value KDI’s R&D shop provides us with their applied research. They translate cutting-edge statistical analyses into meaningful and practical information that is easily interpreted by our senior management. We always feel confident making decisions based on their data and analyses.”

Ramzi Baydoun, former Director Organization Effectiveness, Motorola

“We adopted the Leadership Versatility Index® as the feedback centerpiece to our Leadership Development Process for senior managers. It is succinct yet goes beyond just the interpersonal part of leadership and also covers the business side; strategic and operational leadership. Our leaders benefit greatly from the LVI—the feedback is clear, immediately actionable, and highly relevant to critical business issues.”

Dr. Pam Mayer, former Director of Organization Development, Granite Construction

“The Leadership Versatility Index® is a rare feedback tool. Not only it unique and innovative, but is built on great science combined with practical usefulness. Managers and executives love the LVI because it provides them with specific and easy to understand behavioral changes that they can make to improve their effectiveness immediately. Practitioners love it because it is packed with a ton of valid diagnostic data. Without exception, the LVI represents a quantum leap improvement over the other leadership feedback instrument I used in the past.”

Larry W. Norton, Ph.D., Vice President, Organizational Development, PetSmart