Select leaders

A sound basis for selection

An organization stands or falls on its ability to choose leaders. It takes more than an in-depth interview and an automatically generated report to be sure that a person is right for the role or a good fit. A savvy match depends on grasping the nature of the organization’s challenges, the leader’s true character and the interplay between the two.

Evaluate and select leaders with confidence

Kaplan DeVries brings clarity and greater certainty to selection decisions. On the basis of our pioneering work in executive assessment and with over 25 years of experience refining it, we understand how to get to the truth about incumbent leaders and candidates for top positions. Our approach entails:

  • A rich and accurate view – We employ a range of methods to reach a comprehensive perspective. From many strands of data, we construct a considered, coherent, and multi-faceted profile which takes into account a leader’s accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses. This leaves no question about what the leader is made of—and about what could go wrong.
  • Systematic and rigorous analysis – We balance an in-depth interview with the leader with in-depth interviews with their co-workers and customers, and the results of our proven 360° survey (Leadership Versatility Index®), and the Hogan personality profile. This goes well beyond reference checks, which are often skewed towards the positive. Our team collects and analyzes the different types of data independently and then comes together to form a shared view. The discipline we use to collect and analyze the data ensures the evaluation is sound.
  • Collaboration – We won’t just hand over a report. At Kaplan DeVries we confer with decision-makers, drawing on each party’s experience with the leader being evaluated. Collaboration results in a more accurate, finely calibrated reading than any party can make on their own. Collaboration is also vital to mitigating the risks and preparing the leader for success in the role.

Bringing clarity to your decisions

Our rigorous method results in clarity that gives organizations greater confidence in their decision and a higher hit rate in hiring the best people for the most important jobs.

What others say

“The power of what Kaplan DeVries does is in their depth of knowledge, the research precision, the preponderance of evidence, and the strong viewpoint on the executive and the fit with the job to be done. Their reports are the gold standard.”

Sandy Ogg, Operating Partner, Private Equity Group, Blackstone

"I'd give the Kaplan DeVries process an A+. The thoroughness and the analytical content made a difficult selection process much easier. And all the participants in the selection process felt the better for it, even the unsuccessful candidates. It was refreshing."

Tom Hill, CEO, Summit Materials

“Putting the right executives in the right jobs is always a challenge, regardless of how experienced you are at doing it. There is a risk with every selection, with the cost of a bad hire or wrong placement being very high...for everyone. Kaplan DeVries injects a powerful blend of experience, skills and tools into the executive selection process, providing management with very astute insights and wise counsel, thereby significantly reducing the risk of bad hires or promotions.”

Dick Jelinek, Executive Advisor and Coach