The Value of Griping

12 Apr 2017. Bob Kaplan

When I bump into my neighbor, who happens to be a CEO, it's the same sad song, the same resentful lament. "I'm so frustrated," he says. Anytime somebody says with feeling... More


21 Dec 2016. Robert E. Kaplan

At our very first meeting EmmaJean bared her soul—uncharacteristically, I later learned. "Look," she said, emphatically, "If I'm going to get anything out of this, I... More

More Is Better, Up To A Point — and Then It's Worse

26 Aug 2016. Robert E. Kaplan and Robert B. Kaiser

Too much of a good thing—you've heard that before. Strengths taken to an extreme are weaknesses—that's not news. Chances are, though, you haven't seen that reality... More

Can leaders change their basic character?

01 Jul 2016. Robert E. Kaplan, Jennifer Farrer

"Holy shit! What a revelatory experience," wrote Charlotte Frye, who did not normally swear. A first-time CEO with one year on the job, she had just completed a two-day... More

Ego Leakage

25 Mar 2016. Robert E. Kaplan

Does your ego leak, even a little? Mine does. I’m sure I don’t know the half of it. I do notice a tendency to enthuse about something I’ve just experienced—an... More

How The Industrial Revolution Got Traction - And Brought Us Tomorrow

31 Dec 2015. Robert E. Kaplan

The industrial revolution changed the world completely and, it seems, irreversibly, yet how it all began is not common knowledge. Most people have only a vague or patchy... More

Getting at a Leader's Essential Character

04 Sep 2015. Jennifer Farrer, Robert E. Kaplan

When leaders are assessed to help them improve or to make staffing decisions, the final product—typically a set of strengths and weaknesses—is a superficial read that... More

Are You "Em" - Powerful? - The Unabashed Assertiveness In Granting Power

03 Jul 2015. Robert E. Kaplan

Empowerment has turned into a buzzword that’s lost its meaning. We all know what it looks like to be powerful—or, using today’s euphemism, influential—but how clear a... More

Working On Yourself - Pleasant In Its Unpleasantness?

16 Apr 2015. Robert E. Kaplan

Offered the opportunity to work on himself, his first brush with intensive leadership development, Larry Wheeler* told his wife, “I need this like a hole in the head.” In... More

Founder-CEOs Who Defeat The Purpose - Can Nothing Be Done?

26 Dec 2014. Robert E. Kaplan, Jennifer Farrer

Only the convinced and bold who aren’t shy about exercising power get a new venture off the ground and keep it there. Yet, ironically, that indispensable solo force puts... More

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