Wanting To Count (a career story)

29 Aug 2022. Carole Simms with Bob Kaplan

My goal in high school was to have more stuff in our high school Annual than anyone else. That goal says a lot about me. Here's the entry: More

A Spark of the Divine (a career story)

13 Jul 2022. Bart Craig with Bob Kaplan

Editor's note: Bart Craig is a tenured professor of psychology at North Carolina State University.   When I started driving cars at high speeds, on race tracks, I wished... More

Banker Turned Musician (a career story)

14 Apr 2022. Jacques Letalon with Bob Kaplan

Editor's note: Before I met Jacques Letalon I heard his cornet. It was the spring of 2020 in New York City and COVID had just hit the city hard. Everything was closed.... More

Speed Bump In The Fast Lane (a career story)

22 Dec 2021. Wendy A. Foster with Bob Kaplan

My career journey starts with pure serendipity. My father, who worked for IBM his whole career, became aware of the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation, which gave... More

Staying Calm

01 Sep 2021. Bob Kaplan

The thornier the problem and the more at stake, the greater the premium on staying utterly calm, cool and collected. It's not necessarily easy but there are practices that... More

The First To Raise My Hand (a career story)

26 May 2021. Colleen Blake with Bob Kaplan

A big influence on a woman growing up is how her father treats her. I got the full benefit of that. Every Saturday I'd go to the yard where he kept his construction... More

Nothing But The Best (a short story)

10 Feb 2021. Bob Kaplan

Philip Smith was recruited personally by the bank's CEO, Martin Middletown, to fix its ailing investment bank. Middletown viewed him as his heir apparent and turned a deaf... More

The Accidental Leader (a career story)

25 Jun 2020. Maurice Perlman with Bob Kaplan

I never planned to be a teacher in the first place. I backed into it.  I went up to Tufts, with the idea of becoming a doctor. So I became pre-med and majored in... More

Founder Power Gone Awry

18 Feb 2020. Bob Kaplan

Power‎ sticks to founders like glue. Without it, they'd never get their initiative off the ground, no less keep it there. Yet all that power can cut back on itself.... More

From Millions to Billions (a career story)

10 Oct 2019. Angelo LaGrega with Bob Kaplan

I came out of nowhere. I'm somewhat of a brash New Yorker, and I was working in the "good manners" South. I'm very instinctive, extraverted, and I tend to think out loud.... More