Leadership Versatility Index®

Innovative features

  • A breakthrough rating scale that identifies when “strengths become weaknesses” through overuse
  • A compact behavioral model that represents the tensions and tradeoffs that make leadership a balancing act
  • A central, integrative concept of versatility defined as the mastery of opposing forces needed to deal with paradox and fast-paced change
  • A blend of quantitative ratings and in-depth qualitative written feedback that provides a clear and compelling message
  • An underlying model of learning and development that combines the outer work of behavior change with the inner work of mindset change
  • A program of published research demonstrating reliability and validity at predicting employee engagement, team performance, and effectiveness

A range of options

The LVI® is packaged into a brief 20 minute survey and a powerful yet compact summary report.

  • The standard version includes numerical feedback only. The deluxe version includes interview-type questions to supplement the ratings with verbatim comments. This provides additional context and insight
  • The LVI® can also be customized to fit an organization’s competencies and suit a range of different environments
  • Leaders work closely with our consultants to review, discuss and interpret the results, and then put them into action

Sample Report                  Learn more

Leadership profile

A summary of the LVI® results are captured in compact visual profile, making it easy to understand and use.

The profile shows scores within the four leadership dimensions: strategic vs. operational and forceful vs. enabling, and their corresponding sub-dimensions. Color zones highlight shortcomings (green - “go” or do more), strengths taken too far (red - “stop” or do less) and true strengths (white). The profile shape is also important: the closer to a circle a profile is, the more well rounded and versatile the leader is. And the versatility percentage provides an overall index of the leader’s versatility: the higher the percentage, the greater the versatility. The majority of leaders score between 70 - 90 percent.

For a full description of the LVI® model and example results, see a Sample Report or get in touch.

What others say

“We adopted the Leadership Versatility Index® as the feedback centerpiece to our Leadership Development Process for senior managers. It is succinct yet goes beyond just the interpersonal part of leadership and also covers the business side; strategic and operational leadership. Our leaders benefit greatly from the LVI—the feedback is clear, immediately actionable, and highly relevant to critical business issues.”

Dr. Pam Mayer, former Director of Organization Development, Granite Construction

“The Leadership Versatility Index® is a rare feedback tool. Not only it unique and innovative, but is built on great science combined with practical usefulness. Managers and executives love the LVI because it provides them with specific and easy to understand behavioral changes that they can make to improve their effectiveness immediately. Practitioners love it because it is packed with a ton of valid diagnostic data. Without exception, the LVI represents a quantum leap improvement over the other leadership feedback instrument I used in the past.”

Larry W. Norton, Ph.D., Vice President, Organizational Development, PetSmart

“The Leadership Versatility Index® is a beyond state-of-the art 360 tool. It captures — in a common-sense way — the dynamic tensions at play in leadership and within leaders as they learn and grow. It is built on an elegant simplicity that can take you into complex places.”

Gene Boccialetti, Ph.D., former Senior Director Learning and Organizational Development, Genentech