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Boards, CEOs and HR executives look to us for best-in-class assessment to inform high-stakes staffing decisions and to make leaders more effective. Veterans of the executive suite, we expertly tailor our solutions to the need, using cutting-edge techniques and applying seasoned judgment. When the stakes are high, the situation tense, and the problem is complex and thorny, we get to the bottom of it and pull out all the stops to fix it.

We Make Leaders Better.

Both individual leaders and management teams. From director level to board level. We design to suit. Our speciality: forcing tough issues constructively.

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Based on rigorously analyzed data from coworkers and customers, not just from the candidate. The result: a nuanced integrated profile.

Fear Your Strengths
This is a terrific book—powerful, very impactful. Ninety-five percent of the leaders who read it will say, ‘I’ve got some work to do and this book will help me do it.’
John Ryan, President, Center for Creative Leadership
“This brilliantly practical work explains succinctly how to overcome the powerful tendency to misuse your strengths and become more versatile and balanced in your approach to leading. In an hour or so find out how development really works and start changing in ways that matter.”
Michael Lombardo, cofounder and author of the bestselling FYI: For Your Improvement, Lominger, Ltd.
“It’s a pleasure to read a book packed with new insights into what truly makes leaders effective, especially one written in such a vivid, engaging style. This is an extremely useful guide for leaders seeking a deeper understanding of who they are and how they can lead successfully in a complex, ever-changing world.”
David B. Peterson, Ph. D., Director of Learning & Development, Google Inc.